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We’re proud to supply our quail to some of the top restaurants and Michelin-starred chefs in the country. Find out how to order from us below.

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Norfolk Quail

Norfolk Quail are sold whole in boxes, as follows

Extra large jumbo 10 per box
Jumbo 12 per box
Standard 14 per box

We are able to supply some birds partially eviscerated (with heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, crop and gizzards inside the body cavity).

We can also supply deboned quail, quail hearts, quail livers, diced breast and leg quail meat, quail breast fillets, quail supremes and quail legs.

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How to order from Norfolk Quail

Via our wholesalers

We recommend ordering directly with our wholesalers for fast, guaranteed delivery timeframes



0844 499 344

Aubrey Allen

Aubrey Allen

024 7642 2222



01274 743 737

classic fine foods

Classic Fine Foods

Order directly from us:

01328 829249 to discuss your requirements

07780 490799

[email protected]

Note on order deadlines:

We process our quail three times a week, when we have an FSA vet in attendance. So we can meet your requirements, we ask that orders placed directly with us are placed a minimum of two days in advance.

To guarantee a weekly supply we recommend setting up a standing order that can be adjusted as necessary.

Food Standards Agency

We have a special Food Standards Agency licence allowing us to supply partially eviscerated birds (with heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, crop and gizzards inside the body cavity). Please specify your choice when ordering.