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From egg to table, each and every bird is nurtured from the day it is hatched. Carefully looked after throughout their lives, these little birds enjoy the space and freedom within their large bespoke sheds to exert their natural behaviour.

With ample room to fly and forage freely in these climate controlled buildings, the quail are fed on specially prepared rations sourced from our local feed mill just 8 miles away.

All full automated and alarmed, if even the smallest glitch in electricity occurs or a temperature rises or drops, even in the middle of the night, we’re alerted to attend to their every need.

When the time comes to make their final journey to our production unit, they’re quietly removed from the houses and travel only a few metres to the other end of the farmyard where our own bespoke, Food Standards Agency approved processing plant awaits to prepare them for the table.

From hand selection to hand finish all the birds are prepared exactly to customer requirements, graded and finished and packed by hand we aim to ensure our customers receive the highest in quality and service.

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