British Quail Meat from Norfolk Quail

Our quail are particularly succulent and flavoursome having been bred and reared in a “free to fly” environment in bespoke housing which is fully temperature and ventilation controlled to provide optimum conditions.

They’re fed on specially produced rations from a local feed mill located just 8 miles from our farm. The feed is carefully formulated to suit the slow growing conditions and activities that quail enjoy: flying, scratching in the litter and running freely in the large areas provided for them.

We have a bespoke Food Standards Agency approved meat processing plant and abattoir on our farm, which provides a stress-free process from farm to fork. It’s unusual in the UK for a farm to breed, rear, process and market their produce end to end. Our model is based closely on the French traditions for quail production, with the exception that our birds are given twice as long to reach their full potential.

Quail Meat

Quail meat is becoming increasingly popular in Great Britain and is used by many top chefs. An extremely versatile meat; quail meat has many uses. It can be roasted, barbecued, pan fried or baked, used on its own, or served in salads, risottos, curries and pies.

Quail is a small bird but it’s succulent and packed with flavour. For some great suggestions and cooking guides, why not browse through our delicious recipes.

There are only a few producers of quail meat in the UK as much of this produce is imported. Norfolk Quail is proud to provide a local alternative to imported quail meat.

The birds are processed on our farm, hand finished and are not bled, just as game birds should be.

Norfolk Quail Boxes

Norfolk Quail proudly supply a wide range of quail boxes to chefs and restaurants.

These boxes are graded by the size of the bird:

  • Extra Large Jumbo (280g+ per bird) – 10 per box
  • Large Jumbo (231g-280g per bird) – 12 per box
  • Standard Jumbo (190g-230g per bird) – 14 per box

Birds are supplied partially eviscerated (with heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, crop and gizzards inside the body cavity). Please let us know if you require our quail fully eviscerated at point of order.

We can also supply deboned quail, quail hearts, quail livers, diced breast and legal quail meat, quail breast fillets, quail supremes and quail legs.

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