Quail Eggs from Norfolk Quail

At Norfolk Quail, we believe that we have the first entirely ‘free to fly’ quail flocks in Britain. The hens that lay our quail eggs are kept to the highest welfare standards, bred and reared from birds that are free to fly at our farm.

From the moment they hatch, our birds have room to forage and fly freely in light and airy sheds that are carefully monitored to maintain optimum atmospheric conditions suited to the quail species.

Norfolk Quail Egg Boxes

Our quail eggs are available in egg boxes containing 24 eggs.

British Quail Eggs

Norfolk Quail’s quail eggs have attractive speckled shells and are deliciously delicate in flavour. They’re ideal for serving as canapes, in starters or salads, or to be pickled and used as a condiment. We’ve shared some of our favourite quail egg recipes that we hope will inspire you!

Quail eggs are also now famous for the mini scotch quail egg, produced and served by many a celebrity chef. In our own experience (and that of our children), they’re proven to be great for little appetites too!

We can supply quail eggs in a range of quantities to trade and restaurants.

Norfolk Quail