Norfolk Poussin Box (8 birds)


**Currently on back-order. Available from 7th October**

A fresh box of Norfolk Poussin. Containing 8 birds of approx. 650g per bird.

Norfolk Poussin is a British bred and hatched chicken sourced from a local professional breeder who has spent years studying and perfecting his parent flocks to produce a superior quality bird, which closely resembles poussin traditionally imported from France. These beautiful young chickens are extremely succulent and flavoursome, are golden in colour and provide the perfect menu alternative to our home produced quail.

Our special licenses for partial evisceration mean that we’re able to supply our poussin intact with hearts, lungs, livers and gizzards (having safely removed all the green offal). These additional ingredients make incredible terrines and pates and can be added to enrich stocks and sauces to accompany your dishes.

Traditionally poussin (or baby chicken as it’s known in Britain) weighs up to 750g. When we include the necks and offal as we do in our finished product (unless otherwise specified at time of ordering), our poussin will weigh approximately 150g more.

Poussin is extremely time critical to get absolutely right. We’ve worked hard to perfect our rearing programme and diets to give these young birds the best quality in life. They’re given shavings and straw beds, a locally sourced corn rich ration and plenty of nurture. They’re a naturally quiet and slow growing breed that welcomes the comfort of heat in their houses and places to perch and scrap, just as any young chicken would do.

Available on back-order



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