The Norfolk Quail Story

Highfield Farm has been in the Savory family for four generations. John and Ellie Savory, the current owners, have taken the farm from strength to strength. They created Norfolk Quail and have worked with some of the top Michelin starred chefs in the country, and now their restaurant quality products are being delivered to homes across the UK.

Ethical farming and an environmental focus

The Savory’s take great pride in the way their farm is managed. The entire farm is under the Natural England, Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Scheme and they have converted a significant acreage to very high standards especially for egg production.

The managed ditches, grass margins, woodlands, hedgerows and lapwing breeding sites mean that the farm has a thriving wildlife consisting of many species including a large number of barn owls, grey partridges, song birds, hares and deer.

Ellie and John Savory - Norfolk Quail

A quail of a time –
how Norfolk Quail began

Norfolk Quail began as a casual conversation over dinner in Claridge’s Gordon Ramsay Restaurant way back in 2010. John and Ellie Savory had been looking for new and innovative ideas to take Highfield Farm to the next level and produce genuinely unique products. John’s experience with chicken eggs meant quail was a natural progression, and so John and Ellie purchased their first few quail in 2012 and tentatively housed them in one of Highfield’s stables.

Serving the UK’s top restaurants

Farming quail opened up an entirely new world for John and Ellie. Their intention was to produce quail meat for the UK’s top restaurants, which meant providing their discerning customers with a meat that simply tasted better than the options available from the continent.

Norfolk Quail became a passion that kept them up day and night to learn and improve, so they could develop flocks that would produce not just delicious quail eggs, but also quail meat that was of the highest quality for some of the world’s most desirable restaurants. Chefs of these Michelin starred eateries are both highly critical and demanding in their search for the perfect ingredient and John and Ellie worked closely with some of the world’s best to understand their requirements.

Norfolk Quail would not be possible without the support of chefs Richard Bainbridge (Benedicts Norwich), Mark Poynton, (MJP at the Shepherds) Eric Snaith (Titchwell Manor), Bradley Cross and Rhodri Williams (Le Manoir), Michael Wignall, (Angel at Hetton), Daniel Clifford (Midsummer House, Cambridge) to name but a few.

The invaluable advice and feedback of these early chef partners meant John and Ellie could improve the breeding and feeding of their delicate little birds. Ultimately, Norfolk Quail now supply an enviable quail that is extremely succulent in flavour and larger than many imported alternatives from the continent.

A new chapter – Norfolk Poussin

Following the success of Norfolk Quail, John and Ellie began to look for alternative menu options they could provide to chefs. They decided to look at another meat that’s French in origin: poussin (or baby chicken). A delicacy and popular on French menus, it was another meat with limited availability in the UK, so it looked like a fantastic and unique option for Highfield Farm.

John and Ellie studied various breeds and again sought advice and feedback from their chef customers – who they by now consider to be good friends. A local breeder came to the fore and Norfolk Poussin was born. It’s still early days but word is spreading with lots of chefs across the UK expressing interest and adding Norfolk Poussin to their menus.

Moving forward –
delivering right to your door

Given the changes across the country happening right now, John and Ellie decided that it’s time to change and develop their business. They’re delighted to announce that Norfolk Quail have opened an online shop to make their produce available for nationwide home delivery.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, really looking to impress, or just fancy some high quality quail meat or eggs, our home delivery service offers all of Norfolk Quail’s quail meat, eggs or poussin products with the convenience of fast delivery straight to your door.

Norfolk Quail

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