Quail meat is becoming increasingly popular in Great Britain and is used by many top chefs. An extremely versatile meat; it can be roasted, barbecued, pan fried or baked; used on its own, or served in salads, risottos, curries and pies, it has many uses. Quail is a small bird, sweet and succulent and packed with flavour. For some great suggestions and cooking guides please visit the ‘let’s cook’ section on our website.

There are few producers of quail meat in the UK as much of this produce is imported from countries such as France. Norfolk Quail is proud to introduce a local alternative to imported quail meat.

All our birds are produced to high welfare standards and fed on a corn rich diet. The birds are dry plucked and not bled, a method similar to french produce and popular with chefs.

Quail are sold in whole boxes as follows:

Extra Large Jumbo – 10 per box

Jumbo – 12 per box

Standard – 14 per box

We are able to supply some birds partially eviscerated (with heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, crop and gizzards inside the body cavity).

We can also supply; deboned quail, quail hearts, quail livers, diced breast and leg quail meat, quail breast fillets, quail supremes and quail legs.

For a current price list please email enquiries@norfolkquail.co.uk

Conservation grade

Conservation grade

Norfolk Quail is pleased to announce that we have become an accredited Conservation Grade™ licensee.
Operation Turtle Dove

Operation Turtle Dove

Norfolk Quail has joined Operation Turtle Dove to help pull back the turtle dove from the brink of extinction in Great Britain.
Oli Williamson

Oli Williamson Midsummer House

…it’s a great product which makes it easier to create a great dish.  Well done for doing so well with it.  It’s great to see such a passionate, local supplier.

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Oli Williamson is Sous Chef at the two Michelin Star, Midsummer House in Cambridge.

Oli was previously at Roger Hickman’s in Norwich. He trained at The Neptune and has also worked in restaurants in Sydney. 

He says that:  “The constant evolution of creative processes and techniques in food continues to amaze me as I understand more about cooking. I’m still very “young” as a chef and have a long journey ahead, but intend to build on my training at the Neptune and time spent in Sydney to further myself.”

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