John and Ellie Savory have been producing high quality chicken eggs at Highfield Farm in Norfolk for over 17 years.

The Savory & Savory brand produces only the finest chicken eggs that have been very popular over the years with local customers, retailers and chefs across the county. They have been supplied to Waitrose for more than a decade and a half, reaching the kitchens of homes throughout the UK.

Savory and Savory eggs are the farmed ethically and to high welfare standards resulting in a superior egg of the highest quality.

Breckland Brown Egg

Savory & Savory are delighted to introduce the Breckland Brown Egg.

With lush, sheltered grassland, bespoke chicken housing and a wealth of poultry experience, Savory & Savory have expanded their high quality offering to include a free range chicken egg.

The Breckland Brown Egg is a deliciously luxurious egg, rich in colour and flavour and perfect for use in dishes such as Eggs Benedict or Kedgeree.  Produced with a passion for animal welfare and absolute quality, the birds are reared to Freedom Foods Lion Code certification standards for free range laying hens; they’re fed on a corn rich diet and kept in low density mobile housing with free access to pasture throughout the day.  This versatile egg will enhance any dish or cake, once you’ve tried it, nothing else will do.

Organic Chicken Eggs

Savory & Savory Organic Chicken eggs are laid by British Blacktail hens certified to the organic Soil Association standard. Fed on an organic diet and housed in low density mobile sheds in large open pastures, the hens produce an egg that is deliciously rich in flavour with a naturally paler yolk.

Savory & Savory have been producing organic chicken eggs at Highfield Farm in Norfolk since 1999. Originally set up to supply the local community, the business quickly expanded to become one of the largest producers of organic eggs for Waitrose. Savory & Savory Organic Chicken’s Eggs are the only Soil Association Organic Chicken Eggs produced in East Anglia.

Like many businesses, organic farming has received its fair share of challenges in recent years, but John and Ellie are proud to be able to continue to provide a product that they believe their customers value. Savory & Savory Organic Eggs can be found in shops throughout Norfolk, or in Waitrose, where they are sold under the British Blacktail Organic Waitrose brand.

If you would like to purchase eggs from the farm, please contact 01328 829249 or email us at

Conservation grade

Conservation grade

Norfolk Quail is pleased to announce that we have become an accredited Conservation Grade™ licensee.
Operation Turtle Dove

Operation Turtle Dove

Norfolk Quail has joined Operation Turtle Dove to help pull back the turtle dove from the brink of extinction in Great Britain.
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Norfolk Quail with broccolli and black pudding

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