All our quail are hatched and reared on our own farm in bespoke housing where they are free to fly and forage in an environment that is as natural as possible.

Stocking densities within the barns are managed to free range levels, which ensures that the birds have plenty of space to express natural behaviour.

Quail dislike cold, damp conditions typical of the English climate and so the temperature and air quality within each house is monitored to ensure that the birds are kept warm, dry and comfortable at all times.

A veterinary health plan is consistently in place across the farm to ensure best practice and appropriate preventative measures are routinely taken to assist in the prevention of disease.

Fed on a carefully balanced diet, to ensure continued good health throughout their lives, the birds are encouraged to grow at a natural pace and are not forced. Their diet is based on natural ingredients containing wheat and soya and appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements.

At the point when the birds are ready to be processed, they are quietly and carefully removed from the house and discretely dispatched. Dispatching in this way means that the birds are not stressed by unfamiliar surroundings, people, smells and sounds. Our system is Humane Slaughter Society and Defra approved. The birds are not hanged or bled and they know very little about what is happening as all our birds have been hand-held from the day they were hatched. We believe that this method is kind, discreet and respectful to all our birds.

Conservation grade

Conservation grade

Norfolk Quail is pleased to announce that we have become an accredited Conservation Grade™ licensee.
Operation Turtle Dove

Operation Turtle Dove

Norfolk Quail has joined Operation Turtle Dove to help pull back the turtle dove from the brink of extinction in Great Britain.
Oli Williamson

Oli Williamson Midsummer House

…it’s a great product which makes it easier to create a great dish.  Well done for doing so well with it.  It’s great to see such a passionate, local supplier.

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Oli Williamson is Sous Chef at the two Michelin Star, Midsummer House in Cambridge.

Oli was previously at Roger Hickman’s in Norwich. He trained at The Neptune and has also worked in restaurants in Sydney. 

He says that:  “The constant evolution of creative processes and techniques in food continues to amaze me as I understand more about cooking. I’m still very “young” as a chef and have a long journey ahead, but intend to build on my training at the Neptune and time spent in Sydney to further myself.”

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